Re: Working With DLLs

Posted by Bram on September 19, 2007

In Reply to Working With DLLs posted by Warwick Weston Wright on September 05, 2007

: Is is possible to declare external Classes from a DLL project in delphi? I all ready know how to use external functions. When I was a VB programmer I could do this with APIs. Is there a similar way in Delphi. I'm using Delphi 2007 Prof.
: What I'm trying to do is find a more convienient way of hiding the source code for deployment purposes; while building myself a repository of reusable code.

What do you mean by "more convenient way of hiding the source code for deployment purposes"? In the deployment, you only hand over the "exe" file, and that doesn't show any source code - or does it?

Or do you mean something different? Please explain :)

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