Re: Saving Clipboard image to file in code

Posted by Koos on August 27, 2007

In Reply to Re: Saving Clipboard image to file in code posted by Will on August 25, 2007

: : I have managed to copy a Form which was set up as a custom report with GetFormImage to clipboard.It shows the complete image of the form when pasted on wordpad.
: : How can I save this image on the clipboard as a file on the harddrive from code?
: The Clipboard can not be saved directly to a file. Solution: put the Clipboard contents in a Delphi TPicture and next save the TPicture in a file, it will be written in bitmap format.
: if Clipboard.HasFormat(CF_BITMAP) then begin
: Image1.Picture.Assign(Clipboard);
: Image1.Picture.SaveToFile('c:\test\abc.bmp');
: end;

Thank you Will. You are a star. It works perfectly.
I must now only work out how to save it to a different file name everytime and not overwrite the already saved file.

If you can help it would be much appreciated.



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