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Posted by John, DelphiLand Team on July 01, 2007

In Reply to bittorrent files for Turbo Delphi Explorer posted by Fred Green p15901 on July 01, 2007

Because my Internet connection is not very fast and I'm often disconnected (noisy lines?), it was impossible until now to download the big installation files for Turbo Delphi Explorer. Somebody wrote that these files also exist as "Bit Torrent" downloads, would that make it easier to download them?

The installation files for Turbo Delphi Explorer are available in BitTorrent format via several torrent servers.

However, downloading via the "p2p" torrent protocol can be slow at times, especially when there are only a few people online for "seeds". So I advise to try with a BitTorrent client that also can download files through the http protocol (the method used in your Internet browser); this allows you to choose a fast and reliable file server.

I did a few tests with BitComet (available for free from
In BitComet, click the File menu, next select Add download(HTTP/FTP). Now, enter the URL of the desired file. I tried it with the 2 installation files for the english Turbo Delphi Explorer from the official Borland site:

Note: by default, the download is automatically split up over 5 simultanious "streams". If you have enough bandwidth, you can experiment to find out the maximum transfer rate as follows:
1. Right-click on a download task that is running.
2. Select Properties.
3. Set a higher "Connection number". By trial and error you can find out the optimal setting for your Internet connection. I reached a maximum download rate of 445 KBytes/sec, but of course this depends from your maximal Internet connection speed.

Good luck! Ask again if you encounter problems.
John, DelphiLand Team

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