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Posted by webmaster Guido on May 24, 2007

In Reply to Re: Can you make RadioGroups independent? posted by Joey p12386 on May 19, 2007

: : Here's what I did:
: : 1) Created RadioGroup1
: : 2) Added a RadioButton1 to it
: : 3) Created RadioGroup2
: : 4) Added a RadioButton2 to it
: : 5) When I run the program, if I click RadioButton1, it gets checked. If I click RadioButton2 it gets checked BUT RadioButton1 gets cleared! Is this behavior the only way RadioGroup'd buttons work?

: With a radio group you need to use the Items property. This adds indexed radio buttons to the list.

Just a small clarification :)

If you try to add a radiobutton to a RadioGroup by "dropping" a RadioButton component onto the RadioGroup, then the RadioButton doesn't belong to the RadioGroup.
Instead, you should add an item to the RadioButton's "Items" property, as described in Joey's answer.

webmaster Guido

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