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Posted by Sharon on May 05, 2007

In Reply to Clearing stringgrid posted by Jim on May 01, 2007

: How do you add data to the stringgrid? From your explanation, I assume that you add a row after the last existing row, that you do something like this:

: StringGrid1.RowCount := StringGrid1.RowCount + 1;

: If that's the case, simply add a line to your procedure clear_grid:

: StringGrid1.RowCount := 1;

: If that doesn't solve it, please show us the code by which you add new data.

: Good luck!
: Jim
Yes I add data by using row:=row+1;

Thankyou for your help Jim but I still can't get the code to work. When adding your suggested line I am presented with the following error message:

[Error] Unit2.pas(115): Undeclared identifier: 'StringGrid1'.

Perhaps I am not writing the code correctly. Here is what I put:

procedure clear_grid;
var row,col:integer;
for row:=1 to 20 do
for col:=0 to 5 do
StringGrid1.RowCount := 1;

Any glaring mistakes?

Thanks again.


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