Re: Tabs and OnChange events

Posted by Willy p15898 on April 18, 2007

In Reply to Tabs and OnChange events posted by Jay Patterson on April 05, 2007

: Good Evening.

: I have 2 forms within my delphi program, I wish to link them with a tab. I have assigned 2 strings to my tab 'Analysis' and 'Results' and believe that I have to write an OnChange event to initiate the tab. However I do not know how to write the event. Any help would be brilliant thankyou.

: Jay

Hide Form1 and show Form2 when the second tab is clicked on the "TabControl" component of Form1?
And the reverse, hide Form2 and show Form1 when the first tab is clicked on Form2?

If that's what you mean, let me know and I'll test a few code lines.
BTW, nice idea to switch from one Delphi form to another, haven't considered it yet :)


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