Re: StringGrids and Multiple Forms

Posted by Willy on March 29, 2007

In Reply to StringGrids and Multiple Forms posted by Paul Collings on March 23, 2007

: I have 2 forms within my programme. A series of buttons on form1 and a StringGrid on form2. I want to link the 2 forms so that each time I click a button in Form1 an event occurs within the StringGrid on Form2. I've played about with tab components but can't get it to work.

For accessing stuff on another form, you "prefix" it with the name of that form, followed by a dot. E.g. if the grid is named StringGrid1, then this becomes Form2.StringGrid1.Example:

Form2.StringGrid1.Color := clYellow;

The unit for Form1 has to know where to find Form2, therefore add a "uses unit2" to the code, immediately after the line with "implementation":

unit Unit1;
[and so on...]
uses Unit2;

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