Re: Timer

Posted by Paul Collings on March 17, 2007

In Reply to Re: Timer posted by Jenny on March 16, 2007

: : Currently I am having difficulty with a timer. I have the clock counting in seconds, however would like it to count in minutes and hours, within the one edit box.

: Please let us know what you need:
: 1. Show the current time in an edit box, formatted as HH:MM, for example 03:56 ? In 12 hours format or in 24 hours format?
: 2. How often must this edit-box be updated, for example: once every second, every 10 seconds, every minute?
: Jenny

Hi Jenny,

I don't want the edit box to display the current/real time. I want the timer to start at 00.00 and be updated every minute. With the edit box displaying the time elapsed in HH:MM, for example 03:56, as you suggested. In a 24 hours format please.

Thanks, Paul

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