Re: Infected file in Delphi 7 Personal?

Posted by John, DelphiLand Team

In Reply to Infected file in Delphi 7 Personal? posted by Leslie

: AVG Free version 7.5 gave me this:
: stdvcl40.dll infected with trojan GENERIC2.FRY
: Is this a problem? Please advise.

As any other DLL file, stdvcl40.dll could become infected, so the best thing you can do is try to "disinfect" the file with a good anti-virus program such as AVG, or delete the file and replace it by a known good one.

Usually stdvcl40.dll is located in C:\windows\system32. You can find a replacement file on the web, for example type "stdvcl40.dll" as keyword at Google's search engine. If this doesn't solve your problems, ask us again.

DelphiLand Team

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