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Posted by janevblagoj

I'm designer-enthusiast and I have designed video game in Delphi6. Some professionals for my video game said that the concept is good but I need much better design. They said that I use standard GUI and for professional video game I need a lot better interface.
Where can I find source code for the part where the game finishes with victory of he player with the words: "CONGRUACULATIONS! YOU GUESSED THE GENERATED NUMBER!", with possibility that to be with audio effect.

Does Delphi supports gif images and how the gif pictures can be all the time active (moving)? In this I'm excluding the component Web Browser because on it you can't change the backround!

Can you in Delphi change the color of the buttons? Can you change the color of the tabs in the component TebbedNotebook? And can I find something from all of this in source code?

If you want to see the game visit:

Wait for you responses.

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