Crash Course Delphi: Lesson number 3 problem

Posted by DelphiLand Team

In Reply to Lesson number 3 problem with Delphi 7 posted by Larry

: My lesson number 3 will not work with Delphi 7. Why not? When I get to the point of Selecting EuroButton and going to click in the field it gives me ClickButton1 instead of EuroButtonClick.

In step 4 of lesson 3, we change the names of some components. For the button in question, proceed as follows:

1. In the form window, click once on the button in order to select it.

2. In the Object Inspector, look at the property Name. Probably in your case it still is: Button1

3. Change this "Name" property to: EuroButton

4. Also check the names of the other components mentioned in step 4 of the lesson.

5. Next, continue with step 6 of the lesson.

Good luck!
Sincerely, the DelphiLand Team

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