Re: Where to get Delphi serial number & authorization key?

Posted by Joe Cointment on October 03, 2006

In Reply to Re: Where to get serial number & auth. key? posted by Jonathan on October 03, 2006

: : I successfully downloaded it, and I successfully registered it at Borland. Unfortunately, the registration did not include the serial number and authorization key. A file was attached which activate it, however, with out the sn and key I can't get it to install.
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: Did you register the *correct* version? Seems odd, but this gave a lot of confusion in the past... i.e: which version did you download, Delphi 7 Personal or Delphi 6 Personal?

The only way I could find to register was by clicking on htp://
and then clicking on Delphi 2005 Personal. IT is not an exact fit because I don't have a disk for 2005. My sn and auth code for Delphi 6 did not work. Am I going to the wrong web site? I just reregistered and quickly got an automatic response but there is no sn or auth key.

Am I going to the wrong web site?

Oops! I found the website htp:// and see there is a personal as well as the 2005 version. Thanks for the help

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