Unicode Display Problem

Posted by Timhm on April 12, 2006


my task is to import data from various sources (database, CSV, etc), import it into our database and recall it as necessary, with emphasis on the Unicode (UTF-8) data. I'm running D4 on XP Pro.

Everything is all in place except for the fact that I can't display the unicode properly. I've written a test program to load data from a file into various containers (StringLists, WideStringLists, various streams, etc.) and display them in Unicode Labels (written by our last programmer), and outputted back to other files.

The file output is absolutely fine but the label output isn't - text from the StringList always splits the character into two, and the Stream output just produces a long string of boxes and glyphs.

I moved to a different machine running D7 and replaced our Unicode labels with the TNTWare Unicode labels, but the effect is exactly the same.

I have set the labels to use a Unicode-enabled font with default_charset, I've tried various streams, widestring-casts, checked what codepage the system is using (850), I've activated all of the code page conversion tables, to no avail. The labels will display Unicode if I give them the decimal representation at design-time, however.

Is there anything I'm missing? Someone must have come across this problem before, and it's driving me nuts so please help!

Thanks very much in advance,


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