Re: Using Images for Backgrounds on a Form ?

Posted by Lionel Joyner on February 10, 2006

In Reply to Re: Using Images for Backgrounds on a Form ? posted by Lionel Joyner on February 08, 2006

: : I tried to use what you used, and it worked for me.Are you getting some error?Or is it just that nothing is being drawn on the form?
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: Andrew,
: I was not able to read your reply until today and therefore I was unaware of your response but you are right about nothing being drawn on the form. When I compile the code I get a blank
screen. Would appreciate you pointing out how to correct the code.
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I found my problem, it turn out that I was using the wrong path to my Image. I must have looked at every line of code a dozen times and the last error message said it could not find the specified Image file and after I put the correct path in place it worked like a charm. Thank for your help, I would have given up if you had not said it had worked ok for you.

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