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From what I've read so far, Favorites in IE are saved as ini, Bookmarks in Firefox are saved as html, and Bookmarks in Opera are .adr. What is an .adr file, and how do I convert it into something else, i.e. csv, text, or html.

What I'm trying to do is automate a process by which all of my bookmarks/favorites from these three browsers can be combined/displayed within a single homebuilt program. From within the program I want to be able to just click a link that I find... after searching/sorting a list, to open my default browser. Do I need to incorporate some type of grid? I have the TMS grid, but have never used it yet, do I need to go this route?

How would you recommend I start?
Much thanks! 

Quite an elaborate topic ;) so we'll split up the answer into several parts. Firstly, some general stuff.

Browsers have a list in which you can store names (descriptions) and addresses of websites. There are 3 common ways to store "bookmarks":

- Netscape-format
- Internet Explorer-format
- Special formats, such as Opera

1. Netscape-format

Stores all bookmarks as links inside an HTML file. Submenus are stored as sublists inside the list.

Browsers that create bookmarks in Netscape format:

Netscape Navigator
Netscape 6 / Beonex / Phoenix
Internet Explorer, when using the Export-function
Opera, when using the Export-function

The name of the bookmark file is called bookmark.htm by Netscape Navigator and bookmarks.html by newer browsers, such as FireFox. Usually it is located in:
c:\Documents and Settings\user-name\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xyz.default for FireFox 1.0
or in:
c:\Program files\Netscape\Users\user-name for Netscape 4.x.

2. Internet Explorer-format (URL format)

Each bookmark (also called "favorite") is represented by a *.url file. All these files are inside a directory which is usually called "Favorites". Submenus are implemented with subdirectories.
This format requires more disk space than the Netscape format, but allows rearranging and deleting bookmarks using any file manager.

Browsers that create bookmarks in the Internet Explorer format:

Internet Explorer

3. Special formats

Opera saves bookmarks in its own format, called "Hotlist". With the export function, you can create a Netscape compatible bookmark file.

The Opera bookmark file is normally named opera6.adr, it might be placed in:
Documents and settings/Opera/opera6.adr
or in:
Program Files\opera\Opera6.adr

Next, we'll have a look at the *structure* of the different formats.

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