Make a CD to create directories on the C: disk

Posted by john on December 20, 2005

I started fourteen days ago with Delphi 7 and now at the senior computer class (I am 75 myself) they asked me to change the program I made in Qbasic into something they are familiar with.
I want to write a CD which is selfstarting and does the following:

Make the subdirectory foto in C:\Program Files
Add a file to it
Run foto.exe
Make more subdirectories in C:\Program Files\foto
Add files to it.

I can add the files to the directories and then copy the whole to C:\Program Files
Run foto.exe
And add the remaining directories with files to it

Which ever is the simplest.

In Qbasic I have now

@ echo off

md c:\progra~1\photo\
copy dlls\*.* c:\progra~1\photo\*.*

md c:\progra~1\photo\plugins
copy plugins\*.* c:\progra~1\photo\plugins\*.*

md c:\progra~1\photo\oefenbestanden
md c:\progra~1\photo\oefenbestanden\spelen
md c:\progra~1\photo\oefenbestanden\landschappen

As it is all new to me and Iím cramped for time by the request of the seniors. I hope some one can help me.

Thanks so far .


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