Re: personal serial number

Posted by jerry p12468 on October 21, 2005

In Reply to: Re: personal serial number posted by webmaster Guido on October 19, 2005:

: Here's how the first lines of Borland's reply email should look like:
: ...
: ...
: If you received something else, maybe you didn't ask for the key for "Delphi 7 Personal"? Maybe by accident you asked for D6, D2005,...? In that case, ask again for a key, it's no problem as it is automated :)

you are correct!
i started out weeks ago looking for Delphi 2005.
eventually, i downloaded the version-7 here.
i forgot that it was 7. i asked for the 2005 activation.
even though i stared at the install code for a week, my mind would not make the connection.

i finally requested the version-7 stuff from borland. everything now works fine.
i think that i am losing my mind!!!!

thanks for your help.
jerry w