Download Delphi 7 Personal

Posted by DelphiLand Team on September 24, 2005

In Reply to: Delphi 7 Personal for FREE, where??? posted by Fonz on September 22, 2005

: : Since Delphi 7 Personal has been available for free from Borland's website, why shouldn't we make it available from our website?

: Yes, yes :) where can i download Delphi 7?

OK, OK ;-)

...but even when compressed, the Delphi 7 Personal installation is 55 MB... imagine only 100 people per week downloading this stuff: this extra traffic would be a bit too expensive for us.

So let's try the following for a limited time:

Members of the DelphiLand Club that fill out this form, will receive the location of 6 ZIP files plus instructions for using these files (about 9 MB per file, so with a slow Internet connection you 'll have to be patient ;-)

The DelphiLand Team

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