Re: Delphi runtime error

Posted by webmaster Guido on September 08, 2005

In Reply to: Delphi runtime error posted by Gene Lamb on September 06, 2005

: I've built a component that runs fine in the Delphi IDE but blows up at runtime. Can't figure out the problem. How do I post the code here? Do I just paste it all in or can I attach a zip file somehow? (how?)

This is not a "regular" Delphi Forum: our forum is meant to help DelphiLand Club members with tutorial related questions. You can't attach a file.

However, if the code is not too long, you can just paste it in a post. If it's interesting enough for our members, we'll leave your posting here and we'll try to solve it :))

Note: in your message, replace all "less than" characters with LT, and "more than" with GT, because the forum soft doesn't accept these two characters (it thinks they're HTML-codes, that are not allowed in messages). Example:

if i LT 5 then ...