Re: ShellExecute doesnt work in Delphi

Posted by Maxwell on August 27, 2005

In Reply to: ShellExecute doesnt work?! posted by AmaF on August 23, 2005

: I get these error messages when im trying to use ShellExecute:
: [code][Warning] Unit1.pas(7): Unit 'ShellCtrls' is specific to a platform
: [Warning] Unit1.pas(8): Unit 'Outline' is deprecated
: [Error] Unit1.pas(111): Undeclared identifier: 'ShellExecute'[/code]
: why..? thanks

"Undeclared identifier": because Delphi's ShellExecute is in the unit SHELLAPI, and maybe you didn't include this unit in your USES clause.

The other messages are just warnings about other stuff, they don't have anything to do with ShellExecute.

If it still gives errors, post again in this thread in this Delphi forum. What version of Delphi are you using? Is it Kylix or is it a Windows version?

Waiting for your feedback,

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