Re: To Guido and the Delphi Team: lesson 18 beta

Posted by Lionel *DClub* on August 21, 2005

In Reply to: Re: To Lionel: lesson 18 beta posted by Lionel on August 14, 2005

: : Hi Lionel,
: : One more beta-article in our CSV series:
: :
: : Also the previous articles have been slightly improved (see lessons 15 to 17). Now we're working at the closing articles and debugging/ polishing the entire series :)
: : Guido
: ************************
: Thanks,
: I will start back up where we left off and will let you know how it goes.
: Lionel
: ***********************

I have worked through the new lessons 15 - 17 and finished lesson 18 and all of it works very good.

1)I have greated two CSV data files using Excel, one file I named Address.csv and the other one I named Office2.csv. I then inserted a Edit box so i could load whichever file I wanted to work with. In the Load procedure I let FileName1 := Edit1.text.-- Both files are in the same folder but I can only get the Address file to load, and when I try to load the Office2 file, a note comes up saying unable to find file because there is no direct path. I don't understand why this happening.

2)Another problem I am having is trying to get the Col Width to fit my Data. For example the Col that Has the area code requires 3 spaces and the Zip Code requires 5 spaces and if I fix all Col to same width I get a lot of lost space.
When you start doing your polishing could you consider or suggest a better Load Procedure and a Col Width Procedure that would fit the average Width needed +1 to fit the data Width.
The lessons have worked out great and I will say it again. You and the Delphi team are very knowledgeable when it comes to programming with Delphi.
Thanks for all your help.

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