ShellExecute: Handle

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Posted by a6s0lu7 on December 14, 2001 at 17:09:26:

hi there again and again... lol! i need you to help me in a article you wrote its in:

ShellExecute(Handle, 'open', PChar('c:\test\app.exe'), nil, nil, SW_SHOW);

i just need to know what to do with that HANDLE thing, it keeps telling undeclared identifier and i just cant find were it is declared if it is declared, i want to use that code in 1 unit that doesnt makes uses of the unit were the other app is going to be called! im telling this cause i saw 1 exemple were the handle was 1 form the main app form, i guess, but i dont want to make uses of the main unit with the form, cause im (trying to) developing a oop prjct and i dnt want lo "Lock" this unit to that project.
and if you have a bit + of time and if your willing to, gime a little explenation on handles! ok!?!
thanks in advance, again and again!!!

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    Posted by WAllison on December 14, 2001

    The handle value should point to the handle of the window or control - eg MainForm.Handle.

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