im not a member(maybe yeat), but i need a bit of help

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Posted by a6s0lu7 on December 14, 2001:

hello, is there any way to know if ActiveDesktop is Enabled or disabled?? and how can i xange that?? is there any way to run an app when windows shutdows(similar to Run on Registry)?? i hope you can help me cause i've been to a lot of places and no one seem to be able to know the answer!!
thanks in advance, sorry for bothering
regards a6s0lu7
(if you gime a good answer U'll probably win a new member :)) )

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    Posted by Shorty on January 03, 2002:

    i dunno about activedesktop but for doing something when windows shutsdown create a procedure in the private bit as follows:

    procedure WMQueryEndSession(var Msg : TWMQueryEndSession);
      message WM_QueryEndSession; 
    and this could be the code of that procedure:
    procedure TForm1.WMQueryEndSession(var Msg : TWMQueryEndSession); 
      if MessageDlg('Close Windows ?', mtConfirmation,
                    [mbYes,mbNo], 0) = mrNo then 
        Msg.Result := 0 
        Msg.Result := 1; 

    P.S im not a member either, im just a nice guy :)

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