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Posted by webmaster Guido on December 07, 2001:

In Reply to: Why answer only some questions? posted by Jeff Delphi on December 07, 2001:

: Why does the webmaster answer only some easy questions? Why do you not answer some questions by DClub members, although they include their membership ID?
: By the way, I like most of your answers, Guido :)


I'm glad you like my answers :)

Well, I try to answer all of the DClub members' questions, as long as the level of the question is in line with the level of DelphiLand's tutorials. Remember, we offer tutorials for *beginners* :)

Sometimes I also answer questions from non-members or more "difficult" questions, when I feel that also other visitors can learn something from the answer. Or when I have the answer readily available somewhere in my databases :)

...or when my very busy professional duties allow me some spare time :)

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