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Posted by WAllison on December 01, 2001:

In Reply to: ShellExecute problem posted by Jeroen Veurink on November 25, 2001:

: hello,

: I have a bit of a problem.
: I want to make a program with one button (in delphi6.0)
: If you press the button, it suppose to start a extern program like
: c:\windows\notepad.exe.
: To open the program (notepad) I used: ShellExecute Handle, 'open',
: PChar('notepad'), nil, nil, SW_SHOW.
: But when i compile the program, it says:
: "[Error] Unit1.pas(28): Undeclared identifier: 'ShellExecute'"

: Can anybody please help me ?

: Thanks
: Jeroen

Add ShellAPI to the uses clause at the top of your code.

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