Webmaster Guido, question about an old post of yours

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Posted by Michael Ross:

Dear Mr. Guido:

In the post: http://www.festra.com/wwwboard/messages/512.html

You provide a way to search a listbox incrementally.

Your code works great!

My question is: Where, in that code, could I place a MessageDlg informing if "No Matches Found"?

Have already preceded the code with:

If Edit1.text = '' then begin //check to make sure text has been entered
  MessageDlg('Please enter the text you wish to search for', mtError, [mbOK], 0);
  Edit1.SetFocus; // set focus if no text entered.
  Exit; // quit subroutine if the edit box is empty

But am having no luck figuring where to put the "No Matches Found" message.

Thank You,

Michael Ross.


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