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: I want to make a program,
: Making a node/bullet in window just like in Ms-Paint or Visio. I mean we have Node button . If we click this button then the node/bullet in exist where the mouse down. I have made node shape in .bmp or .jpg.
: Can you tell me what procedure, componet and event should I use ?
: Please explain me..
: I really expecting your answer. Thank you very much for listening...


I suggest that you post your question again, but with a more descriptive subject line, not "I need help..." but something more specific. Otherwise, very few people will read your message.

Maybe also indicate what you want to do with the "node": do you want to work with a "treeview" where you add nodes? Or do you just want to display the node picture somewhere on the form, on the location where mouseclick is received? Or something else?

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