outputting settings to a file..

Posted by Doug

i have this app that i'm working on.. i'm new to delphi, and am trying to figure something out.

i have a form that has like some checkboxes, and edit fields, textboxes, etc..

i'm writing a front-end to an isapi filter. this filter reads it's settings from some configuration files. at the moment, you just use a text editor to edit the fields in the config files, etc..

when some one uses the front-end app, and they click save changes, it should save their choices out to a file. the file looks similar to an INI file, but not the same set up.


FirstChoice 1
SecondChoice 0
(where 1 is on and 0 is off)
and so on..

what i'm trying to do, is get the user(s) input from the various checkboxes, edit fields, etc.. and then have those choices saved in the config file.

i just need some sort of an example to look at, etc.. so that i can see what i need to do..
any help would be greatly appreciated.


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