Re: Adding user functions to quick report

Posted by Dragger

In Reply to: Re: Adding user functions to quick report posted by webmaster Guido

Yes you definitely misunderstood me :)

Firstly I am talking about QuickReport component set. It has something like an expression evaluator, which you can put onto your report. In this expression evaluator you can perform mathematical operations and call various functions, which are not delphi functions, but specific expression evaluator functions, such as summing a field or something.

Moreover you can define your new functions at designtime by doubleclicking the functions property. These user-defined functions consist of an expression and a name. When such function is called from within the expression evaluator, the expression of the function is calculated and the result is inserted instead of the function name (logical, isn't it).

My question is: how can I add such user-defined function at runtime, not at design-time. I know there is something like a "functions" property, but I don't get it to work, and the help files do not provide any information on that. I would be very grateful if you could help me.

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