Two active windows at the same time


Posted by Que Huong on August 28, 2001:

In MS Word 97, when I drag any toolbar (such as drawing toolbar) and drop it on the main client window, it becomes a window with small title bar. It makes me surprised that when I click on a button on the toolbar, the cursor on MS Word window still blink and MS Word window is still active. Vice versus, when I type, the toolbar window is still active. I try to create a window like that in Delphi as follows:

Declaring an override method in Private section of a form:

Procedure Tform1.CreateParams(var Params:TcreateParams);override;

in implementation section:

Procedure Tform1.CreateParams(var Params:TcreateParams);
  inherited CreateParams(Params);
  with Params do

However, this window becomes de-active when I click on the main form.
I wish to receive any solution for this problem. Thank you very much.

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