Free Pascal

Free Pascal / Lazarus: Glossary of terms

API Application Programming Interface
Array A group of elements of the same type.
Breakpoint Pauses a program at a specified location. Used for debugging.
Class "Template" (blue-print) for creating objects.
Compiler Utility program to translate symbolic source code into binary machine code. Is a part of the IDE.
Component An object that is created from a class that is part of the Lazarus Component Library (LCL). The LCL contains classes for visual components (e.g. TForm, TButton) well as non-visual components (e.g. TTimer).
Constants Fixed values that the program may not alter. Also called literals.
DBF DataBase File
Debugger A tool that is part of the IDE, for tracing logical errors in your code.
Double A floating point type
FCL Free Component Library
FPC Free Pascal Compiler
Glyph A small bitmap-picture, for placing on a button (such as a TSpeedButton)
IDE Integrated Development Environment
LCL Lazarus Component Library
MCI Media Control Interface, a Windows API for multimedia
Method Function that acts on an object
Object A variable that combines data and programming code.
Object Inspector Part of the Builder IDE for the visual design of forms and their components.
OOP Object Oriented Programming
Property Method of a component to access its internal (encapsulated) data. Most properties of visual components can be accessed through the Object Inspector.
RAD Rapid Application Development
RTL Run-Time Library
Single A floating point type,
VCL Visual Component Library. Included with Delphi.