Crash Course Delphi 11: Acron in a ListBox


In this lesson we'll create a simplified version of Acron, a program that shows a searchable list of acronyms.

In this first version, we'll show you how far you can go without adding any programming code: we'll show acronyms and their explanations in a ListBox.

Starting at the end

As usual, we'll start with the end: how should our simplified Acron look like and what should it do?

  1. Start Delphi and open the project Acron01.dpr through the File menu and Open Project...
    Or find this file in Windows Explorer and double click it.
  2. Compile the application. If you have forgotten how to do that, have a look at lesson 1.
  3. As with every succesful compilation, Delphi will start the application in the "environment" of the debugger.

  4. Just play around with the program. Notice that the ListBox has already a basic search capability: if you press 'B' the keyboard, it jumps to BIOS, if you press 'B' again, it goes to the next item with a 'B', BMP. And so on...

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