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Abstractdirective that defines a class method that has no implementation in the current class, but must be implemented in any derived classes; the class method is only a placeholder in the current class.
APIApplication Program Interface
Breakforces a jump out of a set of statements within a loop
Charvariable type for holding a single character
Classdefines a structure consisting of fields, methods and properties; the fields, methods are called class members. Instances of a class are called objects. All classes must be based on another class, with TObject being the default, highest level class.
Constructorthe method used to create an object from a class
Continueforces a jumpto the next iteration of a loop
Controla visible component
DBMSDatabase Management System
Doublethe general purpose floating point type in Delphi; approximately 15 digits of precision, from 2.23E-308 to 1.23E308
Event handlerprocedure that contains the code that is executed when an "event" happens
Extendedfloating point type when the highest exponent and/or significant digits are required; approximately 19 digits, from 3.37E-4932 to 1.18E4932
Functionsubroutine that returns a value
FileModedefines the mode in which the Reset procedure opens a typed or untyped binary file; can be fmOpenRead, fmOpenWrite or fmOpenReadWrite (default).
Inheritedused to call the parent constructor or destructor method for the current class. Usually called at the start of a constructor, and at the end of a desctructor.
Objecta variable that is created from a class
Proceduresubroutine that does not return a value
Resetprocedure to open a file, given by FileHandle, for read, write or read and write access
Selfrefers to the containing object; e.g. the current unit's form is addressable via the self keyword
Singlethe fastest floating point type in Delphi; approximately 7 digits of precision, from 1.18E-38 to 3.4E38
SQLStructured Query Language
VCLVisual Component Library

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