Delphi for FREE

Delphi Starter edition (version 10.2 Tokyo) is freely available from Embarcadero.
It lets you build applications for Windows 32 bits.


See the Starter Editions FAQ for additional details.

Delphi Starter can be downloaded from Embarcadero

 Lazarus is a free, open source Rapid Application Development tool for object orientated Pascal code (FPC).

Just like Delphi, Lazarus comes with a component library, which contains components that are the equivalents of those of Delphi 7 and of some later Delphi editions (buttons, listbox, checkbox, treeview,...) plus lots of Lazarus specific components (see

A Delphi project can be converted for Lazarus with the integrated "Delphi Converter".

Unlike Delphi Starter, with Lazarus you can build database applications. And it can be run in Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, BSD, etc...

Lazarus can be downloaded from

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